Louis Hatchwell


How old are you?  21

How long have you been skiing?  18 years

What is your preferred discipline?  All of them?

What are your skiing aspirations? Regularly top 15 in the world


What would be your advice to upcoming skiers? Push hard and ski as much as possible with good skiers who you are healthily competitive with.

Is there anything you do before a race? Inspect as many times as possible, ski a few runs at max intensity, visualise and try to have some fun with the boys at the top.


Who is your sporting hero? Lawrence Dallaglio.

What do you do to relax? Listen to music, watch movies, go to the gym.

What is your nickname? Lou, Lob, LobLob, BlobBlob, Umpa Lumpa, Hatch, I’ve had many.

If you were not a ski racer what would you be doing? Working with cars.

What is you favourite food? Easily mum’s roast chicken.

Who is your secret crush? Ben Atkinson…“great legs”.

What’s on your iPod? Reggae, Classical, Rock, Rap, Hip-Hop, everything good.

Can you tell us something nobody else knows about you? I can’t prep my own skis…

What song is most likely to make you move on the dance floor? Roxanne

What can you be heard saying most often (catchphrase/motto)? I’m not wise enough for a catchphrase


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