Jasmin Taylor

What is your preferred discipline?  Sprint

What are your skiing aspirations?  Top 5 in World..preferably 1st.

What would be your advice to upcoming skiers?  Have fun!


Is there anything you do before a race?  Warm up and think about the course.

Who is your sporting hero?  The current leaders on the Telemark World Cup circuit.

What do you do to relax?  Watch TV

What is your nickname?  Puew, Jaz-hands, Jazminda, JazzyFizzle, Jwasmin, too many!

If you were not a ski racer what would you be doing?  Art at University

Who is your secret crush?  ..could be you?

What’s on your iPod?  RANDOM!

Can you tell us something nobody else knows about you?  I am an only child.

What song is most likely to make you move on the dance floor?  Anything..it doesn’t take much usually.

What can you be heard saying most often (catchphrase/motto)?  “Babes”